The professional reputation of Royalindo and our ability to negotiated means every client will receive their desired location at the best deal possible. Our relationships with venues and experience doing events in many different locations means we can book the right space for our clients and we only suggest locations that meet our standards for food and beverage. Our experience has ranged from indoor intimate settings to large convention centers and outdoor parties. We make sure whatever venue is chosen is transformed and branded to meet our clients’ needs.


Make your event more efficient and effective by utilizing our experience in arranging event schedules, presentation systems, workshops, seminars, and other related business activities. We are capable of making all your sessions, social events, opening and closing ceremonies, and other segments special and memorable.


We understand the importance of having quality keynote speakers that enrich your event. We can arrange, book, and negotiate fees for speakers based off the requirements you provide. We can also work with your already identified speakers and VIPs to ensure their experience at the event and in country are smooth. We have worked with heads of state, ministers, celebrities and other VIPs making sure they feel like special guests of your event.


Royalindo can coordinate all design elements of your event from the event logo to themed design signage and giveaways. We will develop the concept with you and take all elements through the production stage. We can enhance the messaging of your event by developing advertising and marketing campaigns that include promotional kits, brochures, invitations, and other materials. We work with skillful suppliers and can ensure high quality products delivered on time.


We know that sponsors can play an important role in making an event successful and we can help identify sponsors for you to work with and negotiate sponsorship packages. We can work directly with you or your sponsors to develop branding and signage and promotional giveaways.


We can take care of all your administrative needs. We make sure your team is fully equipped to function like you have a home office on site. We also have a state of the art computerized registration system and can run your delegates badging process quickly and efficiently. Our services include event insurance, interpretation services, show production, creation and printing of all conference documents,  transportation services and customs clearing. We can also serve as your  representative at in-country planning meetings and thoroughly train all staff working your event.


We have expertise in creating and coordinating promotion materials across all media; print, radio, and TV. We can also position ourselves as an advertising agency with the capabilities of developing promotional materials to attract clients and delegates to your event or company.

Tour, Travel & Accommodation

We are also a fully functional travel agency and can arrange any tour needs, air travel, and accommodations for your staff or delegates. We can manage all aspects during the event and also provide leisure options for all after and/or before the event. Activities will be easily accessible and arrangements made faster as we can do it all.

Budget & Cash Flow

Royalindo can serve as your in-country office and is able to set up banking accounts specific for your event. We can collect registration fees on your behalf and pay out contracts so you only have to deal with one invoice. We prepare regular budget statements, final cost analysis, and budget reports upon completion of the event.

Sports Events / Tournaments

We have the expertise and experience to connect our clients with major sporting events allowing them to promote their brand through advertising and corporate hospitality. We can arrange for the use of a sports facility and provide all the equipment and catering needed to host an event.


We are able to arrange for entertainment to supplement any event or be the featured show. We can book motivational and/or spiritual speakers, entertainers, MCs, and musicians which are guaranteed to keep audiences captivated.