6 Stages of Event Planning


As the first step of any event, a good plan sets the event up for success. Royalindo works diligently with the client to create timelines, schedules, and make preliminary inquiries and bookings on behalf of the client. We create a road map, noting all details, to make sure nothing will be forgotten when it is the actual event


We develop a budget that stays within the requested amount and meets all the needs of the event. A realistic budget means our clients can have clear expectations and are delivered the event of their dreams.


Royalindo listens to the mission of our clients and can work to find sponsors that are good matches for the event’s message. We target sponsors based on the client’s needs and have the connections to reach out the associations and companies that are in line with our client’s agenda.


We serve as a broker between our clients and other vendors. We can manage third party agreements with venues, hotels, AV/IT, transportation, accommodations, and any other related vendors that might be needed for your event.


We serve as your work force during the event. Our staff are professionals who can engage positively with your delegates and serve as the event staff, doing registration, addressing VIP needs, and managing the overall activities happening at your event.


After the event, we organize all clean up and handle any close out needed with vendors. We provide overall reports, evaluations, event results, and staff performance.