End of Year Festive

Christmas is around the corner, and 2016 is coming to an end. Hospitality industry is at their peak, most of tourism destination is full of people visiting, enjoying their end-of year holiday. However, not all people can enjoy the warm breeze of beaches or nice view of a mountain, some are stuck at the office doing work that’s not going to end soon. They can only hope on the national holidays that government has set and of course the kindness policy of their office. Some are kind enough to give extra holiday, but some are just, well, let’s just say, “We’ve got business to do, and it’s more important. Continue working!” Let’s hope that we get the kind one, or like what most people say “the best for us”.
That being said it is not impossible for the “hardworker” to have fun too as most big cities around Indonesia offers attractive Christmas or end-of-year entertainment. Christmas dinner to New Year’s Eve party, be it at the restaurant or famous bar in the city. Hotels, café, or bar are having a big promotion to celebrate the festive. All you have to do is choose one that suit best to your needs, rooftop party, beach side dinner, classy music performance, just browse through every place and you’ll find one.
Whichever situation happen to you, always cherish every moment you have.
Enjoy the holiday!

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